MARINA ZURKOW is a media artist focused on near-impossible nature and culture intersections, researching “wicked problems” like invasive species, superfund sites, and petroleum interdependence. She has used life science, bio materials, animation, dinners, and software technologies to foster intimate connections between people and non-human agents. Her work spans gallery installations and unconventional public participatory projects. Her collaborative initiatives include Climoji, Dear Climate, More&More Unlimited, and Floating Studio for Dark Ecologies. Currently, she is working on visualizing future oceans, and connecting eaters to food opportunities in changing climates.

She has been working with Anna Rose since 2012 on food+art projects, and with Anna Rose and Henry (as Hank and Bean) since 2018.

Exhibitions include Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, bitforms gallery, NY, Montclair Museum of Art, Diverseworks, Houston, Sundance New Frontiers, FACT, Liverpool, SF MoMA, Walker Art Center, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Wave Hill, NY, and the National Museum for Women in the Arts. She has collaborated with Social Science and Humanities scholars at Rice University, New York University, and the University of Minnesota. Zurkow is a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow and received grants from NYFA, NYSCA, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Creative Capital. She is a teaching fellow at Bennington College, a fellow at ITP/Tisch School of the Arts and a member of Multispecies Humanities Lab at New York University, and is represented by bitforms gallery.



ANNA ROSE HOPKINS brings a focus on narrative storytelling, nutrition and ethos to Hank and Bean. For more than a decade as private chef in NY / LA, Hopkins has worked to develop a sensation of abundance and freedom with limited ingredients.  Creating healthy and vibrant weekly meals for clients experiencing health crises, major life events or new modalities of lifestyle, Hopkins worked to bring a sense of familiarity to rigorous nutrition. As counterpoint to the practice of personalized nutrition, Hopkins has developed, performed and directed numerous immersive food events for wider audiences including "Sun: Adjacent" with artist Cecile B. Evans, exploring the intersection between the myth of Icarus and our digital age; "The Odyssey Project" with Jenny Koons, exploring in 12 courses a Conradian hero's journey vis a vis Odysseus with blindfolded diners; "Port Capa" with Dany Naeirman and Hank and Bean exploring land use, industrialization and transportation logistics at the Angeles Gate Cultural Center; and most recently with Collective Future and Hank and Bean "A Speculative Dinner on Mars." 

Immersive, site-specific dining experiences have been hosted and produced by Boston University (MA, US), RICE University (TX, US), the Barbara Seiler Gallery (Zurich, CH), PST LA a Getty Initiative (CA, US) and the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden at UCLA (CA, US).



HENRY FISCHER is a veteran chef of World's 50 Best and other renown establishments such as Noma, Vendôme at Grand Hotel Schloss Bensberg, The Breakers Palm Beach, Olives at the Bellagio and Animal Group.  Fischer brings over 25 years of innovative and fine dining cookery to Hank and Bean. Years of research in Korea and Japan with their respective Ministries of Health have furthered Fischer's exploration with fermentation, texture and flavor development.  His Middle-Eastern-by way-of-Eastern-Europe roots continue to inspire and shape his work with duration-based process and old world technique.



HANK AND BEAN is a catering, pop up and chef service in Los Angeles. In the “New Global” food tradition, we seek to express our region - Southern California - its seasons and microclimates in a variety of ways. Drawing inspiration from antiquity and from far flung regional techniques, we create our cuisine of place. 

Hank and Bean works with clients and artistic collaborators with equal vigor to create warm, provocative and satisfying experiences.  We create cocktail and wedding events, bespoke meal delivery packages, and immersive dining experiences.

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